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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Why Plants eat insects?

The general name for insect eating plants is call insectivorous plants. There are actually about 900 plants that is insectivorous.

The more common ones is the venus flytrap, there is still the pitcher plants. For the question why plants eat insect, it abit complicated but i am going to make it sound simple.

For everything any organism do, the result will be always benefical to the organism itself, plants does not differ.

Thus, insectivorous plants eat insects is because the plants need the insects to survive. These insect eating plants usually grow in areas that have not enough nutrients in the soil, as such, these plants eat insects to obtain the nutrients that the plant needs to grow.


txdave said...

Nice blog, need to be more careful with editing/proofreading.

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craperlogy said...

thanks for the comment, i really needed it, but there are some parts whcih i do not understand, proofreading means what? care to explain so that i can make my site better ?

Mallory said...

So If i were to buy an insectivorous plant like a pitcher plant would I have to feed it bugs for it to survive or could i give it liquid nutrients?

Dinkar Singla said...
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