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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Q:how to optimize blogs with patterns, posts and adsense

a pragramme started by google to allow web masters or bloggers to place advertisments to ur website or blog. whenever some1 clicks on the ads, your earn a small amount of money and google will only send you a cheque after you have earn $100 or more.

the problem with adsense is that you cannot choose the kind of ads that appear on your blog, but it definately adds some colour to your blog.

what kinf of posts on your blog depends on the nature of your blog, i have visited one of your blog and it about gba, roms and emulator. the games are definately interesting(some of them) however, i suggestion that you post some pictures of description with your games instead of simply one whole list.


there are lots of patterns on the internet, you will have to search the patterns yourelf to find the most suitable ones, you will also have to be able to edit your blog template html to put the pattern in. however, if you are a professional, u can very will design your own pattern, but is still best to use ready-make templates to save the trouble, after all,it the substance that matters.

this website gives some infromation about blog optimization.

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