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Monday, 28 May 2007

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Who invented the popcorn?

amel's realm asked: who invented the popcorn and how did the person found out how to make it?

well, the questions to this answer is not definite. Evidence have shown that popcorns have been around for a very long time, estimated, 4000 YEARS!!!!!!! shocking.

four thousand years ago there are few civilizations on Earth, mostly humans are still nomads that move from one place to another in search for food.

whatever the where popcorn was found, it was not found on purpose, someone accidentally drop a maize on a hot stone-made pan without realizing it and after awhile "poof", popcorn was form!!!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007




Thursday, 24 May 2007

Why Plants eat insects?

The general name for insect eating plants is call insectivorous plants. There are actually about 900 plants that is insectivorous.

The more common ones is the venus flytrap, there is still the pitcher plants. For the question why plants eat insect, it abit complicated but i am going to make it sound simple.

For everything any organism do, the result will be always benefical to the organism itself, plants does not differ.

Thus, insectivorous plants eat insects is because the plants need the insects to survive. These insect eating plants usually grow in areas that have not enough nutrients in the soil, as such, these plants eat insects to obtain the nutrients that the plant needs to grow.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

ASK any questions at this blog

this blog answers questions of all kinds. be it blogging issues, science questions, math, work place questions... bla, bla, bla, this blog answers any questions that you can come up with

trust me, this blog gives answers that are so great that it even better than itself.

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What is UV-transparent

i got to say that i have done some research and there is no concrete information out there. There are bits and pieces of information so i piece them together to give this answer, if the answer turns out to be wrong or inaccurate, please do come and correct me by posting the changes as a comment to this post. Thanks.

As the name implies, UV-transparent means that it allows UV light rays to pass through it. This is a scientific research that is still going on. UV ray is the third one from the left in the electromagnetic wave spectrum if gamma ray is the most left. Even though is quite near to gamma ray and X-ray, UV ray is actually does not have alot of penetration power, this means that UV rays that hit thick glass might not even pass through it (most deflected). Thus, there is the need to invent something that is UV-transparent.

the Internet does not say much about UV-transparent water tanks, but if there really is, than the possibility of UV-transparent water tanks is use for the sterilization of water is quite high.
we all know that UV-rays can be use to eliminate harmful germs and pathogens in water, thus, this UV-transparent water tanks could be fixed on roof tops to auto kill the germs, so it can act as a extra treatment to water so as to make sure that the water you are drinking it really devoid of any harmful microorganisms.

UV-transparency can be also use in industries, for example, alkanes in fossil fuels, usually petroleum has the structural formula of C(n) H (2n+2), where "n" is the number of carbon atoms, as such, every 1 carbon atom, it joint with 4 hydrogen atoms. Alkanes can undergo substitution reaction, which means that one of the hydrogen atom in the alkanes molecule is replaced by another element, for example, chlorine. This type of substitution reaction requires the presence of UV-light, thus, UV-transparent material could be use as containers for these types of chemicals when we want them to react.

I believe that the real technology break through should be how to invent a material that is NOT transparent to visible light but allows UV-rays to pass through.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Answring ANY QUESTIONS!!!!!

this blog answers all questions, be it science, math, history, things around you, school work, questions that the big boss ask you or everyday things around you, e.g. HOW TO I GE THE DIRT OF MY FAVOURTIE PANTS?

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JK asked, what is the meaning of life?

his blog is

now, you are not giving me enough information to answer your question.
the meaning of life as in humans? animals? physically or psycologically?

However, i am still going to answer your question, scientifically.

Usually, when we talk about life, we mean living organisms

thus, being able to define living organisms means defining life.

Fristly, the first definition of living organism is that all life will have to feed, that means every living orgainsim around us, including us, need nutrition

Secondly, all living organisms respire, plants photosynthesis and we humans breath in and breath out.

Thridly, all living organisms excreted, that means the need to remove waste products from repiration from out body.

Fourth, all living organisms growth, be it plants, bateria or animals, every living organisms grow

fifth, all living organisms can move from one location to another to better survive, even plants do!

sixth, all living organisms have sensitivity, which means that they can react to the surrounding environment

finally, all livng organisms can reproduce, be it to give birth, give birth to eggs or simply split from one bateria to two bateria.

Why is the sky blue?

the sky is actually just make up of air, as such, the sky actually has no colour. However, the sky is blue in colour because our human eye percieve it to be. Sound confusing? i will try to make things simple.

The sun creates light and heat. To answer why is the sky blue, we only need to know that the light created by the sun travels to Earth at the speed of light, which is about 3 x 10*8 m/s. in another words, light can move round the whole diameter of this planet 7 and a half times in ONE SECOND!!!

well, thats no the main point. the thing is, when the light rays enter the Earth's atmosphere, the air scatters the light. In the normal white light we see, it consist of seven coulours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and purple.

Since the air scatters sunlight, the blue we see in the sky is actually the scattered blue light rays.
the other colour light rays are also passing through the atmosphere, but when the atmosphere makes the light rays deflect back into space, it mostly the other colour light rays that get deflected, leaving the blue light rays to pass through, thus making the sky look blue.

questions answered.

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Sunday, 20 May 2007

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What is the quickest way to lose weight?

For this questions, you found the right blog to ask, me myself was quite a fat person, note the word "was". Now, i am 180 cm tall and i weight about 65kg!!!!

the fastest way to lose weight is long distance running.

Trust me, running is all that matters. start with running a short distance, 1.6km, that is only 4 rounds around a 400 metre track.

In order to reduce your weight and not be tired out, do it on alternate days, e.g, for me, i run on moday, wednesday and friday.

Each run only takes about half an hour, most of the time, it takes even lesser time.

Run for about 2-3 weeks and you can increase the distance to 2.4 km, do that for another 2-3 weeks and increase the distance further to 4.5km. Keep doing it and eventually you will have to hit the 10km mark. For normal runners like you and me, 10km takes about 1 hour to complete, for those that are really fit, they can hit 50minutes per 10km, but we are not so hardcore, so 1 hour and 10 minutes for 10km is farly ok for us.

The thing you need to remember is that you need to drink LOTS of water, more than eight cups of water a day, definately alot more!!!!!!!

And seriously, start with something easy, short distances, do not try to straight away go into a 10km run, it will kill you. If you still want to do a 10km run, then do treat it as a run, a healthy person shold be able to WALK 10km in 2 .5 hour, so walking is also good for reducing your weight.

One more thing that is very important, run the whole distance at a constant pace and for us who are only trying to reduce out weight, no need to run too fast. This is because if we work our muscles too hard, the fats would actually become muscles instead to going away.

One last thing, the first run is always a hard run, it willing be tiring, you will feel like shit and the next day you wake up your whole body will be aching like mad and if you push yourself too hard, you might jus get muscle cramps. BUT, DO NOT STOP RUNNING, you are feeling the ache because running causes the body mucsle cells to respire anaerobically and aerobically which produces metabolic wastes that cause the aches. The only way to remove the aches fast is to take a jog for the blood to carry the waste materials away!!!!!

Trust me, just run to reduce your weight, there is no better way.


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Ask any questions you want. For example, why does my boss hate me? , how do i lose weight faster? , why is the sky blue?, How to i calculate the area under the curve with the formula of
4X'3 x 1/2 X'2 -3X ?????

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It that simple, so start asking the questions now.

So what kind of code DO we use to make our profile description drop down to different lines, without being in such an ugly, crammed block of text?

Practically, you can't do that, despite the description telling you that you can write a maximum of 1200 words, they really only want you to describe yourself in one line, so there is no way to create paragraphs in your personal profile.

That is unless you know how to edit the old html codes which enables you to do anything. However, that is highly unadvicable as playing with html could very easily screw up your whole blog.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

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What is the average wind speed velocity of a swallow?

will, your question is not specific enough, there are a total of about 74 species of swallows,
ranging from the african type swallow(left) to the european swallow(right).

BUT, i will still answer your question, taking that the swallow you are asking about is the european swallow as it is the more common one.

In order for us to know the average wind velocity, you need to study the aerodyanamics of a swallow in flight

basically, the picture shows the distance, under the effect of wind speed, that a swallow can fly in 1 movement of upward wing movement and downward wing movement.

so, in normal circumstances, a swallow beats it wings (taking up and down as 1 circle) 18 times per second

so, calculate abit and the average estimated wind speed velocity of a swallow will be
11 metres per second or 24 miles an hour

questions answered.


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Friday, 18 May 2007

Just ask any kind of questions on this website and it will be answered as a post!!!!!

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I am trying to post to an existing blog but can't!

ok, in your question, you ask if you need to be invited to the blog, will, the answer depends on the settings of the blog administrator. the blog administrator can limit who is allowed to post on his blog, if his setting is "only members of this blog" then YES, you will have to request to become a member before you can post.

if there is no such settings, then i advice you wait for a few days, blogger nowadays are undergoing major changes, so there a few glitch here and there, you wait for them to clear it up.

if you still have problems, then you can post another quesiton on this blog.

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I forgot my username, password, and email associated with the blog

ok, this guy forgot his username, password and email associated with the blog and he only gives me his blog

this is hard, you should have put your email on your blog

read the following and do step by step

your possible username
5.any name that comes up often in your mind (think hard)

try the above in capital or in small letters

password all depends on you, try to think which is the 1 you more commonly use, if you have alot of different passwords and you like to switch around when you use them, gd luck


another way of getting your email address would be through your friends, you are a student, so you should have given your email to a few of your friends so that they can send you school stuff, so go ask them.

email address is usually the username if you are a gamil user and a blogger on this blog site.


after you have the possible username and password, do the try and error step.

when you are trying, blogger gives two comments
1. user and password does not match, this means that
1a.your username is correct and your password is wrong
1b.your username is wrong but your password is correct

2. this email you provide does not exsist, this means that
2a.username is wrong and password is wrong

try untill you get the "user and password does not match"

when you get this, it means that either your password or your username is correct.

then, using the same username, try a different password,

if blogger tells you that the email you provide does not exsist, then the previous password you try is correct.

if blooger tells you that the username and password does not match, that means that your username is correct.

at this stage, if you get your username correct, your username is usually your email address, it could be with or without, if it without, just add behind and it should be your email.

after this, click on the i cannot log in link under the login menu and there will be steps for your to key in your user name in ordeer to get your password in your email.

the main point would be first to obtain your username and your email address, password can only be obtain you have access to your email account and know your username.

if you still have trouble getting your own infomation, post on this blog again

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

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Can we use articles from Wikipedia on our blog? will it violate the google adsense policy? or will affect my google adsense if I use articles from wik

the answe is YES. adsense practically allows all posts on your blog unless it
1. asking people to click on the advertisments
2. a undesirable website with undesirable contents

for more information, it on the adsense website.

however, even though adsense allows you to do so, it doesen mean that wikipedia allows you to do so, it depends on the law in your country.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ask any question YOU wanna Know!!!!!

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the old man always knows

and when the old man get angry...

Is there a short solution to telling everyone in my adr book to read my blogs or do i just have to create a mass email?

question from Elissa &hearts

ok, so you wanna tell the whole world about your blog, i am giving you the solution right now, but you gotta tell everyone about this answers blog if you find muy answer useful, please tell everyone!!!

If all your friends are teenagers, then email will be a better choice because it the fastest way to reach them.

Another way is to simply self create and print a advertisment a paste it in your school's obvious places.

If your target is the older generation, then the newspaper will be a better choice, but this choice meant that you will have to pay a few bucks for the advertisment on the paper.

if you are deciding on mass sending of email, sending one by one is far to slow, ever heard of Auto Mail Sender? it a software that help you to send many E-mails to your multiple recipients automatically & fast at anytime & any frequency as your wish.However, this email have a trial period, you u gotta send it quick.

question answered.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

ask the questions!!!!!

this is a blog to answer ALL questions, simply ask your question as a comment for this post

Q:how to optimize blogs with patterns, posts and adsense

a pragramme started by google to allow web masters or bloggers to place advertisments to ur website or blog. whenever some1 clicks on the ads, your earn a small amount of money and google will only send you a cheque after you have earn $100 or more.

the problem with adsense is that you cannot choose the kind of ads that appear on your blog, but it definately adds some colour to your blog.

what kinf of posts on your blog depends on the nature of your blog, i have visited one of your blog and it about gba, roms and emulator. the games are definately interesting(some of them) however, i suggestion that you post some pictures of description with your games instead of simply one whole list.


there are lots of patterns on the internet, you will have to search the patterns yourelf to find the most suitable ones, you will also have to be able to edit your blog template html to put the pattern in. however, if you are a professional, u can very will design your own pattern, but is still best to use ready-make templates to save the trouble, after all,it the substance that matters.

this website gives some infromation about blog optimization.

How to improve your memory?

here is a fact, one british university just dicovered that by moving your eyeballs left and right arund your socket for 30 seconds each day, it can significanlly improve your memory power, so next time before you start studying, ROW UR EYEBALLS!!

other things that can affect your memory
those that can improve your memory power:
1.sports tea tea that contain omega3

those that can make you suck in remembering stuff:
2.excessice wine drinking
3.drug abuse

Q: if stephen hawking gets to be weightless, do you think they will let him do the space walk?

found this question on a fellow blooger's blog, his blog can be found at

the answer for your question is NO.

As of now, year 2007, Hawking is 65 years old, according to NASA, their astronaut selection has age limit of 26-46, and of their current astronaut they have a average age of 34.

Hawking, being 65, is mentally and physically unable to go to space even if he is weightless.

looking on the funny side, this guy come up with the black hole theory, so maybe he won't want to go to space, HE MIGHT JUST GET SUCK IN!!!

question answered.

Friday, 11 May 2007

questions that wants to be answered can be posted in this topic as comments

ask the question, it that simple

check out the cavalry

this is something very interesting, we all know that cavalry units(troops that ride on horses) have been around for a very long time but how eaxactly is long and what are the types of cavalry, below are some of the types and their years of appearance.

i am new so HELP ME PLS

i just started this blog so if you guys have any suggestions, please give it to me. by the way, i am kind of new to blogging, so please help me in anyway you can.

Basically,accept for putting stuff here about my life, i want this blog to be a answers blog.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you go online to search for infomation and after hours u cannot get what you want? This blog will be your solution.

feel free to ask questions of anykind, mathematics, sciences or simply any question, for questions that have definate answers, i will do research and answer them, for does that are not, e.g. why did my girl friend leave me? i can only provide suggestion.

there is only one person constructing this blog so your question can take up a few days for me to answer.

thanks for everything!!!!