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Friday, 11 May 2007

i am new so HELP ME PLS

i just started this blog so if you guys have any suggestions, please give it to me. by the way, i am kind of new to blogging, so please help me in anyway you can.

Basically,accept for putting stuff here about my life, i want this blog to be a answers blog.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you go online to search for infomation and after hours u cannot get what you want? This blog will be your solution.

feel free to ask questions of anykind, mathematics, sciences or simply any question, for questions that have definate answers, i will do research and answer them, for does that are not, e.g. why did my girl friend leave me? i can only provide suggestion.

there is only one person constructing this blog so your question can take up a few days for me to answer.

thanks for everything!!!!


simeone said...

am a new blogger
I like all the stuff and enjoy blogging,
kindly help on how to solve error 678 on a dial up connection

craperlogy said...

er, you are not giving me enough infomation, every country's dial up connection error number means different, and when it have this error, windows will usually give you some detail, you need to give me those info too before i can answer your question.