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Friday, 18 May 2007

I forgot my username, password, and email associated with the blog

ok, this guy forgot his username, password and email associated with the blog and he only gives me his blog

this is hard, you should have put your email on your blog

read the following and do step by step

your possible username
5.any name that comes up often in your mind (think hard)

try the above in capital or in small letters

password all depends on you, try to think which is the 1 you more commonly use, if you have alot of different passwords and you like to switch around when you use them, gd luck


another way of getting your email address would be through your friends, you are a student, so you should have given your email to a few of your friends so that they can send you school stuff, so go ask them.

email address is usually the username if you are a gamil user and a blogger on this blog site.


after you have the possible username and password, do the try and error step.

when you are trying, blogger gives two comments
1. user and password does not match, this means that
1a.your username is correct and your password is wrong
1b.your username is wrong but your password is correct

2. this email you provide does not exsist, this means that
2a.username is wrong and password is wrong

try untill you get the "user and password does not match"

when you get this, it means that either your password or your username is correct.

then, using the same username, try a different password,

if blogger tells you that the email you provide does not exsist, then the previous password you try is correct.

if blooger tells you that the username and password does not match, that means that your username is correct.

at this stage, if you get your username correct, your username is usually your email address, it could be with or without, if it without, just add behind and it should be your email.

after this, click on the i cannot log in link under the login menu and there will be steps for your to key in your user name in ordeer to get your password in your email.

the main point would be first to obtain your username and your email address, password can only be obtain you have access to your email account and know your username.

if you still have trouble getting your own infomation, post on this blog again

if this blog have help you, please introduce it to your friends, if possible, tell the own world about this blog and ask them to come and ask questions.


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