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Monday, 21 May 2007

JK asked, what is the meaning of life?

his blog is

now, you are not giving me enough information to answer your question.
the meaning of life as in humans? animals? physically or psycologically?

However, i am still going to answer your question, scientifically.

Usually, when we talk about life, we mean living organisms

thus, being able to define living organisms means defining life.

Fristly, the first definition of living organism is that all life will have to feed, that means every living orgainsim around us, including us, need nutrition

Secondly, all living organisms respire, plants photosynthesis and we humans breath in and breath out.

Thridly, all living organisms excreted, that means the need to remove waste products from repiration from out body.

Fourth, all living organisms growth, be it plants, bateria or animals, every living organisms grow

fifth, all living organisms can move from one location to another to better survive, even plants do!

sixth, all living organisms have sensitivity, which means that they can react to the surrounding environment

finally, all livng organisms can reproduce, be it to give birth, give birth to eggs or simply split from one bateria to two bateria.

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