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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Is there a short solution to telling everyone in my adr book to read my blogs or do i just have to create a mass email?

question from Elissa &hearts

ok, so you wanna tell the whole world about your blog, i am giving you the solution right now, but you gotta tell everyone about this answers blog if you find muy answer useful, please tell everyone!!!

If all your friends are teenagers, then email will be a better choice because it the fastest way to reach them.

Another way is to simply self create and print a advertisment a paste it in your school's obvious places.

If your target is the older generation, then the newspaper will be a better choice, but this choice meant that you will have to pay a few bucks for the advertisment on the paper.

if you are deciding on mass sending of email, sending one by one is far to slow, ever heard of Auto Mail Sender? it a software that help you to send many E-mails to your multiple recipients automatically & fast at anytime & any frequency as your wish.However, this email have a trial period, you u gotta send it quick.

question answered.

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