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Saturday, 12 May 2007

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Anonymous said...

Here is my question, how long does it usually take you to get to $100? Is it a dollar per click or 1 cent per click? Just throw out a number!

craperlogy said...

i believe you are asking about adsense. for adsense, google did not give any specifications on how the profit is given, however, after some clever people's calculation, everytime a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you earn about $0.10, everytime a visiter downloads a software, you earn about $1.00.

but how fast you earn it, it a different story, it depends on the popularity of your blog, and ultimately will they be interested enough to click on the ads.

normaly, it takes about a year for your blog to get popular, and once it does, on the average, it takes about 2 months to earn $100, but it only a start, if your side continue to flourish, the top earners from adsense (Tim Carter, www.askthebuilder) can actually earn about US40 thousand a month!!!!

Elissa ♥ said...

Is there a short sut to telling everyone in my adr book to read my blogs or do i just have to create a mass email?