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Friday, 1 June 2007

Is forensic skills shown in CSI true?

CSI or crime scene investigation, is the use of modern science technologies to analyse information found at the crime scene to better help the police force to solve the case. The information gathered from the crime scene investigation can be use as evidence in court to bring the criminal to justice.

about the TV show CSI, it a different story, there are certain parts of the show which is accurate and there are certain parts of the show which is inaccurate.

below are the accurate ones

1. ballistic fingerprinting - use the find the gun used in the crime scene

2. forensic chemistry - use of chemistry to find out about the chemical changes which could occur during the crime, allows the police to reconstruct the time line of the crime scene.

3. forensic identification - use of forensic science to find out about the identity of a certain person or a certain product, for person, it the use of fingerprint identification, DNA test and so on, for product identification, checking the labels and information store in technological products like computers to reveal what information has been stored, deleted and recovered.

4. forensic facial reconstruction - use of computer technology to create the almost 100% accurate facial look of a person. this means that the police have the ability to know what a person looks like even if he is only a pile of bones.

now that's about all the different technology used in the real crime scene investigation, all the others shown in the TV series CSI is fake, the ones listed above is real.


Amel's Realm said...

THX again for the swift answer!!!!


craperlogy said...

no problem, i am a big fan of CSI too, but it good to know that the police are not that god-like when it comes to criminal identification.

feel free to come back to this website whenever you have got any more questions!!!!

choc mint girl said...

It looks real and logic to me, but I'll leave that to the experts. Nice blog. Check mine out


Anonymous said...

Does God exist?

craperlogy said...

sorry dude, this answers blog does not entertain any religeous questions to prevent public falk

but god exist or not, this question's answer can vary from person to person, so it all depends on you

Brandon said...

Im a big fan of Csi my self great blog,
If you want more Forensics Imformation go to

Frank said...

Anonymous, sounds like you are scientific. How bout this? If their is a creation, their must be a creator, no? You can't have furniture or HDTV without a maker, right? So when you look at trees or a sunset, or life, how can you not say, some type of intelligence, created this? Just because some knowledge is outside your own, don't try make it fit inside your constraints, the fact you ask, is evidence of a creator.

Anonymous said...

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